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Pain and suffrage. 

There are only 2 types of basic pain. Emotional and Physical. I, like many others, have suffered both numerous times and some have physical pain constantly. 

Other than constant pain like cancer, shingles, phantom digits, or bones pinching a nerve can cause, the human mind will not let us relive the actual pain sensation of a particular past event. We can relive the situation, better yet learn from it. We can can wallow in the grief of the situation from the past. What our minds do remember is that last time we tried this it hurt, badly. So let's figure a different way of doing this or not at all.

You can remember hitting your hand with a hammer or pinching it in a door frame. You may have sprained it or even broken it. You remember it hurt, a lot. But you can't relive that screaming painful feeling you had when it happened.

Yes, I very much miss my Mom and many others that have passed in my life. Some way to young. Some suddenly. Some thru long term incurable illness. Rather than grieve my loss of their life. I celebrate knowing them and what they taught me. I still refer to my memory of them when looking at a difficult situation. What would Mom think of what I'm about to do; Bob, Rob, Janice 

So have faith. The Universe’s Energy is in you and with you. Reliving a painful event only returns us to grief unless we can remove ourselves to look at it and see if there was a positive we missed, a lesson to be learned 

I can tell you this as fact. If it wasn't for the trials I've been thru. I would not be the calming caring gentle nature that I am. I would be an overly emotional, throwing things in outburst, alcoholic.

So I ask. With all the suffrage you've been thru, what may happen that you can't deal with?

The Universe has shown me many many times, over and over again. I can only comfort sometimes. There are some things that are simply out of our control.

So please, celebrate with me and the many forum members. That we do love life. We actually can and do like/love (careful with narcissism :-) ) ourselves.

You are not alone. You're not the first nor will be the last to have harshly suffered.

Let your energy shine. Really! It is okay to not be miserable! Smile honestly and the people around you can't help themselves. They will smile back! It only takes a little room temperature water to cool the hot water. It takes volumes of hot water to heat room temperature water. A small gift can do large and wonderful things.

 Larceny/ Alone?


Many of us start to feel isolated when starting the a path of light. We talk, well text, with others. Not quite the same as a phone call or meet-up. There is no emotion in a text, only what we supplant upon it.

People around you will see you happier, calmer, they get suspicious. I've been accused of taking good drugs or having a fantastic 'shrink'. It's neither, I actually like myself. I don't like the way I got here. Who would? It's not easy facing yourself. It's not easy taking responsibility. I'll tell you this! When it becomes your norm, it becomes natural and easy. One person accused my youngest daughter of being shy. I said "She's not shy! She's a Tarus. She just doesn't like how people treat each other". They gave me the goofiest look! 

Feeling isolated or alone is not lonely. I graduated high school with over 500 kids. I couldn't give you 10 of their names. I was never lonely. The Universe’s Energy t is every where. Within everyone and everything. Because believing in yourself is uncommon, the people you hang with now is no longer a sane thing to do. So we reach out to social media. Praise C22 for coming out to give us searching others a place to land..

I spent many years alone. Sure, there was the odd coven here and there but that always tended to have its own internal power struggle. I couldn't find a path that fit me so I created my own philosophy of life to be religious about. "BE Nice! Sometimes being nice is not talking to someone."

I looked hard at the " no harm " delema. How can you go thru life without creating harm? You can't! You may not have intentionally ment to, but you have caused harm. You were late getting to work, rolled through a stop sign cutting someone else off. You didn't mean to, twas an accident. No bumps or bruises, that other fellow is sure upset he spilled his coffee. Let's go the other way. Car frantically zips thru traffic. Runs a stop light. You shake your head in disgust and maybe anger. What don't you know? Maybe their wife just went into labor or their child was in an industrial accident. Give yourself an anxiety break, you don't know why they are driving like that. There should be no anger. Cell phones and driving? That's a different animal. Then there is always your children. Preventing them from eating that cake before dinner. So I decided I could live with "Cause no intentional harm".

Another issue with us, is not taking ownership of others self caused drama. They don't like you not being miserable because they are. We aren't talking about our near and dear friends. It's the acquaintances. Then there are those that simply enjoy causing chaos. Is their life so boring? When you aren't affected they will go seek a different victim. You've heard them. They whisper, watch this! I'm going over to tell them this and they are going to be soooo mad. It'll be great! They wonder why you do things. What are you after? No one does things for others without a hidden agenda! Larceny is in their hearts not ours. Now we are more isolated. 

What we need to understand is that this is their thinking. They are still asleep. They've never been told is not okay to behave badly. They've only known that laughing at others and causing demise of others makes their friends laugh. They are all shallow and support each other. One day we hope that they will awaken. Know this though, some will always be followers. They like the false security 

Be strong. Follow your Oath with your pure essential being. It does get easier more natural. There are other voices out there.  By how you respond to people on social media, suddenly, out out the woods will come a Hand. There are 10's of thousands of us in this world, that have sworn to stay true and aide those coming in. This world we live that has become digitally smaller.