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Golden Order of Hermetic Dragons©2001

Founding Elder of Dragon Tradition Wicca and Church of Magick, Inc.

This site is dedicated to those of us that are pagan without a defined pagan/Wiccan tradition. We simply follow thoughts of not imposing ourselves upon another nor letting another impose upon us ever and always. Nor do we need the rules of any tradition to guide us.

    As stated often: “Beware of Dragons:

- for you are crunchy, taste good with ketchup and charbroiled.”


Dogmas of a >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>?


..... travel through life experiencing many trials and tribulations.

..... live for the day knowing tomorrow will always come.

..... learn from our mistakes.

..... don’t rehash the past.

..... study the relationships of science, nature and magick.

..... view the world esoterically (Look it up!)

........ don’t hang round or acknowledge people that offend us.




We travel through life experiencing many trials and tribulations.

We live for the day knowing tomorrow will always come.

We learn from our mistakes.

We don’t rehash the past.

We study the relatioships of science, nature and magick.

We view the world esotericaly. (look it up)

We don’t hang around or acknowledge people that offend us.


We travel through life experiencing many trials and tribulations.


On a daily basis we see things we like and don’t like. Filing these in our own internal filling system we set our ways to be somewhat fixed with flexibility. On a daily basis we are the only constant society witness’. People have tendencies to hang around us. Not for how we look but for the calmness we broadcast. Sometimes there is envy for our lack of reaction to the ills attempted to be placed upon us.

At times this envy becomes anger and there are those that would attempt higher and higher levels of slander upon us. All we have to do is be ourselves. That is enough to annoy those that have larceny in their hearts.


We live for the day knowing tomorrow will always come.


For all that harrows we have lived through and witnessed others living through; what could possibly happen that we cannot deal with? A hardline fact is that no matter what occurs today tomorrow will come even if we are not of body to witness it. So what is there to worry about? Be concerned of some things: Yes. Worry: No! Time spent worrying is not time spent fixing. never awaken to begrudge the day coming. I am not saying “go with the flow: always. I am saying witness the flow. Adapt and modify to live with it or not.


Watch what outside influences modify the flow. Who and what are bending the action for their own means. Do we want to be party to this? If not, don’t be.


Stand back from a situation mentally. What is really being said? Why are they feeling this way? Do we want to inflame the situation or defuse it? How can we assist? When is the timing correct to intercede? How should we proceed?


Many situations are simply none of our business. People simply sometimes want to vocalize with no response other than a caring ear. We do not need to offer our input on every situation. The world view of most people is so dissimilar. For example; I have traveled in 45 of the 48 contiguous states and have lived in 40 of them. I have been traveling outside of the midwest since I was 8 years old. I have a far different view of the world and its politics than someone that never left a 20 block area they were raised in. My world view is not only from what is on TV/Radio; but what I have additionally experienced and witnessed in the rest of the world. As said so well in a movie “Are you going to enter a country that the leader’s entire world view is based on “I Love Lucy” reruns?” I think NOT!. So why do we listen to people that have no experience outside of their own little world?


 We learn from our mistakes.


We wander around day by day performing actions. Sometimes these actions do not play out as we intended. Remember all the variables and DON’T DO IT AGAIN. However (yes there is always a however) what was truly wrong with what happened? Was it your failure or another’s? Can the experience be changed into a new event or was the entire calamity trashed? . Either way learn from what ever happened good/bad and deal with it. There is no need to relive it. Nor is there any reason to tell the world of a really stupid mistake.


We don’t rehash the past.


For what reason is there a need to constantly tell of past mistakes and errors in judgment? All it does is inform people how low our IQ is. There is no reason to relive the pain of the past. Things that have happened were for a reason. That reason may have been from our own lack of observance or to learn a lesson. If you truly don’t want to feel that same emotional pain again quit bringing it up for others to know about.


We study the relationships of science, nature and magick


Read any good books lately? How about the Dow of Science, NJAM, JAM, or Grey’s ? When was the last time you picked up an encyclopedia? Gee, why not? There is lots of good information written out there right along with bad stuff. One of the great keys is to not be afraid to ask a question that you have no clue as to the answer. Have enough integrity to analyze the answers given to decipher what you think makes sense.



We view the world esotericaly


While observing others and taking our own actions into account we have the tendency to come to conclusions of events far faster than most. Some of the statements we make come to be true often taking years to absorb. There by we have a unique perspective on people and the world that most don’t understand nor do they wish to take the time to. It is far much easier to just accept situations and never take blame.



We don’t hang around or acknowledge people that offend us


Why should we want to hang around people we find offensive or that have often offended us? All it does is add stress to our lives. Granted there are times when it can not be avoided. However, being pleasant in a business sense and asking questions of an offensive person that may let them think you care of their health and welfare are not the same thing.






Laws of Hermes



Seven Laws of Hermetics


You have heard of these laws as the seven laws of Hermetics for a long time. They are composed of basic statements that are subject to interpretations


Here are my interpretations:



1. The law of mentalism:

 All of the Universe is connected by one universal mind. Everything we do is recorded in that universal mind and our subconscious is able to draw from it.  This is the basic law of learning lessons and not reliving them.


2. The law of correspondence:

As above so below. Of the macro in the micro. The ability to reason things out intelligently. All things interrelate.


3. The law of vibration:

 Nothing rests. Everything is moving. Everything has a vibrations. The more animated something the higher a vibration level the object has.



4. The law of polarity:

All things are dual in nature. Opposites are identical but different in degree. All things are balanced in their extremes of opposition.


5. The law of rhythm:

All things move at a rhythmic rate. Sine wave as it were. Ups and downs.

All things move in a circular relation to each other.


6. The law of gender:

All things contain masculine and feminine qualities. All require both genders to survive and propagate.


7. The law of cause and effect:

No matter what you do it has an effect on someone or something. Push on a door hard enough and it opens. Tell a stranger to have a pleasant day and they may not be so angry at someone else. Tap your brakes and cut across three lanes on the interstate and you will effect a traffic jam behind you. This is the law most forget about and get smacked about the most with. This is the law that has invoked the ‘Three Fold Law’.



This rubric is of the sole workings involved here. A basic guide to our way of life and sometimes even our meaning of life in the workings of Magick. We spell magick with a ‘k’ to distinguish from stage or illusionary magic. What we do is very real and it scares many people. For larceny is in their hearts; not mine or ours!



Science is constantly catching up with us.


Here are a few things that you may not be aware of and

 a few things you must be aware of.


Magickal energy follows the laws of magnetic energy.

Magickal energy applied to water has the same reaction as electro-magnets placed around water..

The only difference is that the person broadcasting the magickal energy need not be in proximity of the water.

Once you ‘master’ the applications of magickal energy you are no longer human by typical definition.

Once you have the knowledge and use of magickal energy you have great personal responsibility.

For since you are now capable of such healing efforts that same effort can be used to cause internal damage of a body.

There will never be any tolerance of misuse of healing or magickal energy.

There are NO exceptions EVER.

Magickal and/or Healing energy is to only be used when someone ask for assistance.

There are NO exceptions other than your own minor children.

There has been some great work with Z.P.E. (Zero Point Energy).

ZPE is the same energy that exist in space outside of Earthly emotional influence.

ZPE is the purest form of energy.

ZPE is for lack of a better word an Oracle of energy.

ZPE tends to mask your energy identifier.

Emotional feedback is not as evident when in use.

Vision seams to be much clearer.

ZPE can be used as a bridge when needed.

One of our goals is to do what we can without ZPE and beyond ZPE capabilities.

As stated before we are no longer human under the typical definition:

We are more humane than the majority.

We live in reality.

Everything we do has purpose and cause with no intent to harm anyone.